Murder On My Mind But It’s In My Singing Monsters

Murder on my mind but its my singing monsters (Professional toot version)

Not my original version, you can find the creator here: youtube

Panini but it’s in My Singing Monsters

Edamimi, don’t you be a meanie

Bohemian Rhapsody in My Singing Monsters Composer

I adapted the Queen-Song Bohemian Rhapsody in MSMComposer...Have fun :D Original song: ...

Psychic Island but it’s on MSM Composer

The full kazoo version will be out soon. I haven’t had access to it for a while 😔

Old Town Road but It’s in My Singing Monsters

I got the furcorns in the back 🐎 #oldtownroad #lilnasx #mysingingmonsters Original Video: be/7ysFgElQtjI

I made Meme Songs using My Singing Monsters

I made Meme Songs using My Singing Monsters Composer including Megalovania, Old Town Road, All Star and many more! -- Check ...

XXXTentacion - Changes (Composer Island)

I used all 64 bars and it's still short.

Singing Murder on my mind

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My Singing Monsters| BAD GUY!!

Bet you didn't expect another video this soon huh? I had a lot of fun making this, honestly. Tutorial coming out soon!

My Singing Monsters Composer Island - Ransom by Lil Tecca (Mini song + tutorial)

Ransom by Lil Tecca, one of my most favourite songs! I changed the recording software and there was no yellow stuff there which ...

Calling the cops singing "murder on my mind" by YNW MELLY (PRANK) !!(gone wrong)

Calling the cops singing murder on my mind gone wrong Song by ynw Melly: murder on mind Subscribe if your new and like the ...

Gary Come Home but it’s on My Singing Monsters

It be like that Friend Code: 70448919MB Original Song: #mysingingmonsters #garycomehome ...