Msm Composer Earth Island Ethereals Solos

"Earth Island" by Kyle - Composer Island

Kyle's friend code: 67311775JD Quarristers sound very accurate and the bass of Bowgart really fits as in the Castle.

MSM Composer - Earth Island

Join my MSM Discord Server: gg/BmhjFZu.

Earth Island Remix (ft Rares) & Tutorial!!!

Honestly the rares sound really good My singing monsters, composer, and the monsters/sounds are all owned by Big Blue Bubble ...

Earth Island - My Singing Monsters Composer

Earth Island remade in My Singing Monsters Composer. Friend Code (On MSM): 13704856BC.

Tribal Island (MSM Composer) Updated

So I made it more accurate and added the bass from the soundtrack version.

Ethereal Dance! - All Ethereal monsters are now in My Singing Monsters Composer App new update v1.2

Conduct an orchestra of cute musical Monsters from the hit game My Singing Monsters! Each Monster is packed with personality ...

My Singing Monsters Earth Island 8 bit cover

I know, I know,I pulled a little sneaky on ya. I said the next island wouldn't be Earth, and BAM. Earth. But turns out Shugabush ...

All Plant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth Continent Monster Sounds / Notes - MSM Composer

Heres all the notes of all the plant, cold air, water, earth continent monsters except for Reedling and Spunge.

Earth Island MSM composer V2

Added rares and dipsters I had meant to do this a long time ago.

Plant Island Remix (MSM Composer) Updated

Decided to update my remix that I made in MSM Composer a while ago. #MySingingMonsters #MySingingMonstersComposer ...

The Continent but it's just Earth Island

The middle really thins out on this one, but is immediately overtaken by the full vocals of the final part. Recorded in ...

earth island but it’s played by kazoos

Zuuker is now heat resistant

Ludwig van Beethoven : II. Andante con moto

Zuuker is now heat resistant...

Ludwig van Beethoven : I. Allegro

Zuuker is now heat resistant...

Ludwig van Beethoven : III. Rondo. Allegro

Zuuker is now heat resistant...